Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Another chapter.

Assalamualaikum good morning from micet. This post basically a special post for my fav people in life. I kno you will never read this but I still wanna spend my time typing this post as you're another part of my life (for me).

So on 22 Nov you'll start another chapter of your life. I kno. Even I don't get any news from you about it. Hi good luck yes of course I'm sad because we're not in the same place the same university anymore and it's hard for me to see you again, right? But. Life goes on. I accept it.

Your presence shall be really missed. Wish we could stick around for a little more time but life has set some another amazing plans for you. Wish you a heartfelt good luck for your future. Keep in touch!!! ♥

Thursday, 29 October 2015

That starrr ★

 Hello world I'm going to tell you that I'm happy n_n

I miss him so bad. So I decided to start a conversation with him even I afraid at first. I tried. Yes. With bismillah, I started the conversation through wechat. everything went well and I'm happy with it alhamdulillah ya Allah. :))) thank you! 

Tonight I can sleep in my own world. I can sleep in peace. I can sleep in my own garden. I'm glad because I can spent my time chatting with him even for a while. I miss you so bad. Here I'm still praying to Allah,  to take a good care of you, give you happiness (even not with me maybe..I'm redha....), give you strength, and if you're not mean to spend your life with me in dunya, I hope that I can meet you in Jannatullah filakhirah. ♥♥♥

Take care and I love you in the sake of Allah.

*i donno you read this or not, but if yes, hai prince charming. Do think about it twice, either stay or stay away. Its your choice, AA :')

Monday, 12 October 2015

Blessing in that : )

Hye and assalamualaikum from micet ^_^

Alhamdulillah, it's such a long journey for me to love and explore more about  this course but finally I can accept it with love hahahaha. After all new experiences, I really fall in love with it. Yeah sure true! My parents' choice is all correct. My brain is really excellent in maths and physics and not that Biologist's brainnnnn. why? Because my life here become more fun than my foundation life. I don't have to spend more time on studying and remembering the facts but I just use my time to revise the formulas and do more exercises and yezzaaa you do it very  well my girl n_n time is gold.

After all, after I think about it twice. Parents' idea is above all. They are the best motivators for me forever. I'm very disappointed with my self when I think about my past back. I'm sad. Why I don't choose utp for my foundation as it's an engineering foundation. Well I know myself well. I'm really addicted with doctor. Before this I only want to be a doctor because of popularity. Doctor is really popular for me because of it 'Dr' tittle. DR IFFA ASMA. It sounds awesome right? Haha. But sadly, I don't think about my abilities. I don't find myself. I just follow the flow of my life without doing nothing. And alhamdulillah, Allah is the best planner forever. He gives me what the best and what is suitable for me. Thank you Allah♥

I wish that I can score a good grade in every semester. I really want to make my parents happy with me. I hope that I can continue my studies oversea in Aus or UK in semester six and above as mara has a programme called International Student Exchange Mobility (ISEM) for those who can score  3.75 and above. inshaAllah, may Allah ease. There's a will, there's a way. Wish me luck and all the best. (Your typical 9teen years young girl  is dreaming lol ^O^)

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Result upu.

Alhamdulillah. Result upu dh keluar on 11 August 2015. And i got dietetik kat uitm. And its palam (same place macam asasi).

Hati dh bertaruh. Nak masuk ipta or ipts? Dua dua ok je. After fikir masak masak and finally i choose Chemical Engineering as my next destination because of few reasons:

1) sejak form 4. Sejak kenal biology memang aku tak suka biology. I dont know why. Tapi aku terpaksa suka sebab nak exam kan, and alhamdulillah i got A- for Biology in SPM.
2) I should fulfill my ambition after doctor. Its impossible for a person like me, who doesnt like biology nak jadi doctor kan. Masa lepas spm ada apply asasi chemical engineering kat UTP and after iv dapat civil. So i decided untuk masuk asasi sebab tak minat.
3) Harapan parents. Parents tahu i dont like Biology. And diaorang nak sangat tengok anak dia yang bongsu ni jadi Engineer. I think, i need to obey them sebab restu tu penting and dengan restu tu lah kita akan berjaya, inshaAllah. :)

Pray me the best of luck ♥♥♥

Chemical engineer to be here! Hehe inshaAllah, amin. May Allah bless.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Letter in a bottle

You may have your good friends, your old friends, your new friends, your class friends, your going out friends, your “real” friends, and your frenemies, but do you have old friends (during school)? And, are your old friends your saddest lost relationship? It is for me. At least with break-ups, there’s a definitive end-point: "we should see other people...it’s not you it’s me...I hate you…” what have you, but with friends becoming ex-friends or worse ex-best friends, it’s just a slow fade, a growing apart or a never resolved fight. At  least that’s how it was for me. So, here’s my letter to you, my ex-best friend.

To you,

I must admit I’ve been through my fair share of friends and ex-friends. This is both sad and not sad. I’ve learned a lot about friendships this way but I’ve also learned not to hold on to tight or care toomuch and that’s how I lost you. I don’t like to seem clingy. I don’t like to text first. I don’t like rejection in any form and I always feel annoying. So, when you stopped putting in effort, I let it happen. I figured you were done with our friendship and our time was up. I thought a lot about calling you or texting you, just to reach out somehow, but never did. You were nearly my sister for years and someone I could rely on no matter what and I hope you knew you could always rely on me.

Together we were unstoppable. You were one of the few people I put my full faith in and one of the most wonderful people I have ever and will ever know. We stood by each other through our toughest times in high school and came out stronger because of our loyalty to each other. You are also one of my biggest role models. You are vastly independent and never afraid to speak your mind. And, you definitely brought these qualities out in me, at a time when I desperately needed it. You have the biggest heart and work your hardest to achieve your goals and I have always admired that in you. You had a bigger influence on me than you know and I think now more than ever you’d be proud of who I became and who I am becoming, because of you.

During our friendship, there was a lot of turmoil for me socially and emotionally. High school is tough for everyone, I think, but you were always there. Basically living together, spending our after school activities together. Being friends with you was an adventure everyday I never got bored with you, I never left feeling empty or unwanted in your presenceand I hope you felt the same way about me. I knew whenever we were going to hang out that it was going to be a good day. It was going to be eventful. I was going to be happy. We made the best of every situation, and even on our worst days as individuals being together always seemed to make things better.

There is so much I took away from our friendship that I am thankful for every day, such as the loyalty of a true friendship, what it’s like to feel like family with someone who is not legally your family, how to stand up for myself, and how to forgive others who have hurt me. I regret not keeping in touch. I regret not trying harder. I regret not visiting, I regret not making every effort to see you when I could in those later years. I think of our friendship and see how much I’ve grown up and you’ve grown up and I wonder if we’d still be best friends now. And, I wish I didn’t have to wonder and I wish I just knew.

I am calling you my ex-best-friend now, and that doesn’t sit right in my stomach. But how should I describe you? You’re more than somebody that I used to know, but I feel the need to categorize you into this category that many people have fallen into throughout my life, the “ex-friend” category. I hate putting you there but I’m not sure what else to call you. We were best friends and now we don’t speak, and there is nothing I feel worse about.

Good luck in your future, Sally ♡♡♡

Most of all, I’m sorry, you deserved better, and I miss you like crazy. “I know I said we could never be friends like before, but maybe we can be better.”

Last but not least, if  you're reading this (it's impossible), I'm sorry if you think you aren't my friend anymore or you feel abandoned or forgotten. I want you  to know, no matter how busy I am, I still think of you.


Friday, 7 August 2015

Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning


Few days more the upu's result will be announce. I'm very nervous. What course will I get for my degree? And yezz I'm very interested with engineering since form 4. I don't like biology because I don't like reading (not a book worm) -_- and yeah I know but I have continued my studies as a science student even I  got an offer from utp to continue my studies there as an engineering student. But lastly, Foundation in Science is my only choice at that time :P (idk why, maybe because many people asked me to be a doctor which is my ambition since childhood but the prob is idlikebio lolssss xD)

And alhamdulillah, on July I got an offer from a private university. Chemical engineering. **What a big smile** alhamdulillah, I have accepted the offer after I asked some information about the course from seniors and Mr.Google. I have found out it  is a good course because I can easily get the job inside and outside of the country one day with a great salary. My parents also asked me to continue my studies there after they found out some benefits about that course.

However, I'm still waiting for my upu's result. If I get a suitable course for mine, I will continue my studies at ipta and if not, ipts is my only choice. Pray me the best of luck in future and in life :)) May Allah ease.

♡♡♡بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم.

Monday, 6 July 2015


Alhamdulillah, all prise belong to Allah. It's 20th of Ramadan already. so from now we (as Muslim) still have few days more to fast on this blessed month. I hope I can do a good and better ibadat than yesterday and can meet with Lailatul Qadar, inshaAllah. The most impotant thing is, I hope that Allah Swt will accept my Ibadat during this month and before.

OK here we go. About me. I'm very disappointed when my parents not allow me to continue my studies at overseas university especially Mesir or Turkey (the places that I dreamt of since childhood). At first I feel like crying for the rest of my life because I can't achieve one of my ambition in life where is I will continue my studies oversea as I really love travels. But finally after I think about it for many times, I already can accept it and start to write this post: D yeah. Allah knows better than me right?

I know my parents love me as I'm the youngest daughter in this family and my parents only have 2 daughters and no son. That's become one of the reasons why they don't allow me to continue my studies there. My mum has told me that I have to get married first before I fly so that I can bring my husband there and he will take a good care of me (how protective my mum). And she also told me that I can continue my studies oversea during Master one day. InshaAllah mum, I'll :)

So. Don't linger on that feeling too long.

I'm 19. And I think I'm really young as I still can't take a good care of myself, can't independent sometime, I can't handle stress well, and can't live alone. I need someone to talk and tell about my life, my problems and my everyday. In conclusion, i really need a partner. Partner? It doesn't mean that I need a boyfriend. Oh gosh. I don't need at all actually.  My family above all.

And yeah. About married that my mum had told me. Let's laughing. HAHAHAAHA it's not funny tho but I still wanna to laugh. Why? Because I already meet many different type of men or boys maybe but most of them like urgh af ! Kakakaka. I hope that I can find someone that is 'soleh' maybe inshaAllah. I don't need the perfect one because I'm not perfect also and I hope we can complete each other weakness. :') astaghfirullahalazim. I know I'm dreaming too high. Haha OK stop.

About my future, what course will I continue my studies, let's Allah decides it and I'm here won't stop praying that I will get the best future for my life, my parents, my family,my future husb, children and all people around me. InshaAllah. Pray for me guys.

Byeeee. ↖(^ω^)↗

Saturday, 4 July 2015


basically, this post is about me. kinda like a diary. so, dont read it unless you want to know :P and it's so long, no dont read. my mistake, dont. or you'll gonna regret reading this piece of useless writing. hahaha

I believe there are two types of people, those who likes to scroll on their instagram or twitter. People who likes to be on their instagram would be the person who prefer images than words opposites to people who likes to be on twitter which prefer words more than images. Well for me, I like to be on my twitter compared to instagram because I love to read :)

Well, that will be my short intro. heh. So, moving on to
 the main deal. Me and boys. Well, I dont really get connected to boys compared to girls today. Well, lets see.

I was raised with my only sister, but I was kinda boyish because I always spent my time with my dad (father's daughter maybee :P) and played many stuff. Gosh, it was really funny to be remembering these. People may not believe that I used to be so boyish when I was little to be seeing me like this today. haha
During my high school back then, I'm good with girls nor boys. Super fine. I can really get along so well, since I'm a bright kid back then? ;p Back then, I had my best girlfriends and boyfriends (read: kawan perempuan dan lelaki) :P I'm not going to talk about the girls since it is about the boys. heh. so H liked me and I just accepted him. KAH! I didnt even know what love was actually hahaha and then we broke up, why? bhahaha. (man's mental problem maybe)

So, when I go for my university, gosh I REALLY DONT KNOW HOW TO INTERACT WITH THIS BOY! HAHAHA I felt awkward like hell hahahaha but after a month maybe, I can finally act or be friends properly with that boy on wechat at first (he add me) and then by using whatsapp ahaha. He was the only one who keeps contacted me and we became best buddy and funny how it ends that I told him that I had crush on him for so long. we became a good friend or what i dont know but we always spent our time together (eating,chilling,outing,dating and so on) Many people got curious with us. We were more than a friend but not a couple.. flirtlationship maybe bahahaha. many memories and after all gosh sorry to me, He've friendzoned me. upsss and well you know what happened to me. not crazy but look like a desperate person (even Im not that desperate but hmm memories kill me emotionally and physically). oh God :( only you know what i feel.. how i miss him and Im never stop praying that he will realize it one day. . i hope that i can meet him again during degree or after degree and the old us come back..make a serious relationship, grow old and struggle for Jannah together (omg what type of nightmare is this? hahahaha) 

Just like seosons, people change.


Well, thats the reason why I dont want to get so close with boys unless their intention is really just to be friends and that's totally fine with me. I just dont want things happens again where its killed my soul..... gosh I really feel bad....isnt Im not that good girl? hmm .

 That's how me and boys are all about. and oh ya, by having someone, I dont feel like looking at other guys heh. there might be other guy that is greater than him but nah, no thanks, im good. :p

WELL THIS IS A LONG POST. HAHA. writing this cause I'm bored and insomnia hits me tonight. and now it's 435 am and Selamat Bersahurrr so goodbye!